Older dogs are often overlooked at animal shelters. People see the adorable puppies and want to get one! Which is great, and totally understandable. But, for some people, adopting an older dog can be a great option! Older dogs are a little more predictable because by the time you adopt them, they have outgrown their puppy stage and are who they will be for the duration of their life. They also come with a wisdom and experience that puppies don't. This can be great for some people looking to adopt. For one, older dogs are better at reading humans and they are less eager, this can make training them easier for you! The bond can be instantaneous too! Older dogs settle in quickly and are appreciative of their new forever home. This lifestyle may be a little easier for some owners too, it allows them to live a more normal existence than would be doable if they had a puppy.

Often, the benefit of adopting an older dog is seen immediately, they won't be euthanized thanks to you! This is obviously a huge benefit. Most people are excited about the prospect of a puppy and therefore look at puppies before anything else. The older dogs are often overlooked and in some cases the shelters end up putting them down. By adopting an older dog you can eliminate this. And, you instantly have a new best friend!

According to this article, there are several important questions to ask when you are adopting including the dog’s history and any important behavioral issues you should know about. These aren’t by any means deal-breakers, but these answers will help you and your dog know each other better from the beginning!

Have you adopted an older dog? How was your experience? Do you have any tips?