Here at LeashLocket, we recently came across this article about a dog saved from a death of poisoning by vodka! Say what? Sadly, many dogs lick up coolant from garage floors because it is very sweet tasting. This can cause severe kidney problems and death; luckily this particular vet realized the problem and from past experience knew that giving the dog vodka intravenously could be life-saving by changing the chemical reaction. Giving vodka to the dog resulted in what many would expect: vomiting, stumbling and even a hangover. But, given that his life was saved, it sure was worth it!

This led us to wonder about other alternative treatments for common ailments in dogs. The findings sure were eye-opening! While in the human world, many of us are looking to alternative medicine instead of the typical drugs, it turns out doctors, such as Dr. Steve Marsden, are doing the same thing! He had to attend human medical school to learn about treatments such as acupuncture and chiropractic care. He then amended these treatments to work for animals. While there is some skepticism about his treatments, his clients are happy! Many are using the traditional forms of medicine along with alternate therapies.

Sadly, many of us have been affected by cancer in our dogs. Believe it or not, many, if not most, dogs get cancer. It’s often undetected and they can live many happy years and often die from other causes. When we find out that our canine companions are ill, we are faced with a tough decision. Do we attempt to elongate their life at the risk of making them sick for the duration of their life, or we put them down without knowing whether we did everything we could to help them? Far too many people have been faced with this choice, and we all know how incredibly difficult this choice can be. Well, what about treating cancer naturally? What?! Sounds difficult, but believe it or not it is possible in humans as well as doggies. The food we eat and the food we feed our dogs can be incredibly beneficial in preventing and/or treating cancer. The basics of the diet include giving antioxidants to prevent cancer and pro-oxidants to treat cancer. We’ll leave the nitty gritty to the experts, you can read the full article here, but the bottom line is we can do a lot with nutrition, and think how much happier we would be with cancer-free dogs!

Have any of you had any experience with treating your dogs with alternative therapies? Would you recommend it?