If you’ve ever thought about moving across the country then changed your mind after looking at the to-do list, we’ve got good news. Thanks to mobile phones and social media, you can now plan every detail of your arrival from pet sitting to grocery delivery to make your first days at your new house feel like…home.


It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood 


At least that’s what you hope to find out using NeighborhoodScout. No area is going to be 100% crime-free but, for your safety and that of your family, it’s always best to take a sneak peek at the streets before you commit to a new casa. NeighborhoodScout can help you find the best schools in the area, too. The site provides easy access to real estate appreciation trends and other pertinent housing market data, including the number – and location -- of currently available homes and apartments.


How do I love thee, let me count the Waze 


Okay, there really isn’t much to count here and there’s only one Waze. This people-driven navigation tool will let you know in real time if you need to detour or about to hit an unexpected dead end. According to the app’s website, Waze relies on an active network of map editors – other drivers – to report traffic jams, accidents and events, and road closures. Waze users can take advantage of an exclusive price pump report, which will help you save money along the way. In the event of inclement weather, you’ll be glad to have Waze installed, just like the thousands of people who found their way to safety after a recent blizzard.


Red Rover, Red Rover, send someone right over 


Sure, we all love our cuddly canine companions. But, moving to a new home is stressful. Rover, home of the self-proclaimed dog people, features a nationwide network of picture-perfect pet sitters that can keep Tank entertained and Chopper chill while you’re busy moving your furniture into your new home. Unattended open doors and unlatched fences are virtually guaranteed in the hectic hours of your initial homecoming. So whether you need a drop-in doggy daycare in Denver or a weimaraner walker in Westminster, Rover’s caring group of animal lovers is just a click away. Of course, be sure to have your LeashLocket handy so you have instant control and peace of mind that he won't accidentally get away from you during the many trips in and out of the car.


It’s prime time you settled in 


And Amazon can help…specifically, Amazon Prime Now, the online retail giant’s same-day delivery service. Prime members have access to a huge selection of everyday essentials, school supplies, electronics, and more. Toilet paper, paper towels, and other move-in must-haves are never more than a few hours from your front porch. Depending on your new address, Amazon delivers aisles’ worth of fresh fare from Sprouts Farmers Market, too. Delivery doesn’t cost a dime; not having to run all over town is priceless.


A little preparation goes a long way and each one of these apps and services can help you go the distance when you’re short on time. So grab your phone, settle into the passenger seat, and relax. Of course, you still have to figure out how to fit your furniture into your new home (don’t worry, there’s an app for that, too!).


Guest Author: Cindy Aldridge -  Dog Friends