Owning a dog can be a joyous thing; animals give us so much love and comfort and ask for so little in return. Many dog owners feel that their pup is just another member of the family, which is why it can be difficult to see the effect they might have on someone else, such as a neighbor. Even the most well-behaved dog will bark from time to time or have excess energy to burn off, so it’s important to know the best ways to help him stay safe and comfortable while still minding his manners.


Being a conscientious dog owner is about more than making sure he’s well trained, however; it’s also about doing the right thing for him. Making sure your animal is spayed or neutered, keeping an up-to-date ID tag on him, and keeping him healthy are all big parts of pet ownership that have benefits for others.


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Keep Him Healthy 


Because dogs can carry illness to other pets through their fecal matter or mites, it’s important to make sure your pup is healthy, especially if your neighbors also have animals. Make sure to ask the vet about flea, tick, and heartworm medication, and keep your dog up-to-date on all his vaccinations. If you send your dog to a kennel while you travel, make sure he’s current on all his shots. Most kennels will require a kennel cough vaccination before they allow a dog to stay.


This is also an imperative part of allowing your dog to be social with other animals. Dog parks are wonderful places for pooches to get out their excess energy and mingle with other pups, but diseases, fleas, and illnesses can be shared there as well. Keep your dog healthy so he can have fun at the park with his friends, and click here for some great tips on going to the dog park.


Get Him a Tag 


It’s imperative that your dog has up-to-date ID and vaccination tags and that he wears a collar at all times, especially if he tends to wander or likes to run out when someone opens the front door. Not only will this help him get home should he get loose, it will keep him safe from the animal shelter and will let others know that he’s healthy.


Give Him Plenty of Exercise 


Dogs of almost all ages need lots of exercise, so take him for a daily walk or let him run around the backyard while you throw a ball for him. This is not only a good way to bond and give your pup some attention, but it’s also the best way to prevent behavioral problems such as causing damage to property or barking incessantly. If you work long hours and can’t be home to let him out, consider hiring a dog-walker.


Spay or Neuter 


Population control is a huge issue around the country when it comes to animals, leaving so many dogs and cats without homes and fending for their lives in the wild. Spaying or neutering your pet can not only help prevent this, but it can also keep your dog safe, as most animals tend to wander in search of a mate when they are ready to breed. This can lead to accidents in the road or your neighbor’s pets becoming involved.


Being a responsible dog owner doesn’t just affect you and your pet; it affects everyone around you. From making sure there’s no excessive barking to preventing the spread of bugs and disease, making sure your dog is healthy and happy will be a good thing for everyone.

Written and Contributed by: Jessica Brody