Discount Code and Dog Life Expectancy

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An interesting phenomenon in the animal world is that larger animals tend to live longer than their smaller counterparts. The opposite is true within species, this is especially apparent in the dog world, with every 4.4 pound increase in body weight leading to a decrease in life expectancy of one month. The average life span for a Great Dane is about 7 years whereas it doubles to 14 years for a toy poodle.

Why is this? Scientists believe that large breeds age at a faster rate and therefore their life expectancy is shortened. Additionally, it is believed that cancer is more apparent in larger breeds, which makes sense since cancer is often caused by abnormal cell growth and the cells of larger dogs grow more rapidly than those of small dogs.

There is still a great deal of research being done on this topic. To read more about this see the article “Why Small Pups Outlive Large Dog Breeds”.

Have you had a similar experience with your dogs? Different?