Dogs and kids can be the best of friends, but sometimes it takes some training to get there. Particularly if you have a dog first and they are used to getting all your love! Luckily, there are some things you can do to help ease the transition, or to help teach children how to behave around a dog that you bring home for the first time! There are often stories about dogs biting children, but usually there are warning signs before this happens. Paying attention to the signals that your pet is giving you is important as that's their mode of communication.

Dogs dislike many of the things that we dislike. For example, they want to eat and sleep in peace and they don't particularly love being climbed all over, even by adorable children. Many dogs tolerate this behavior, but after awhile it may begin to bother the dog and they may act out. So, ensure that your dog has a private place to sleep and get away and make sure you keep your child entertained while your dog is eating. As humans, we like to have our own place to get away when we're tired or hungry, so allowing your dog the same is very helpful! It is understandable that children want to crawl all over their warm, snuggly pet, but sometimes it is too much for a dog, so limiting that type of behavior will help form a dog-child bond!

What else helps with creating this bond? Teach your children to play simple games with your dog, like fetch. Ensure that you reward both the dog and child with a treat when they do well! This shows your child that they can play with the dog, but also encourages them not to steal the dog's toys. You can also include your child in training the dog, teach them simple tricks and again, reward them both!

Have you brought a dog into your child's life or vice versa? Did it go smoothly? Do you have any tips for our readers that worked out for you?