Most of our employee spotlights are done individually, but it is too hard to separate our fabulous fearless leaders and company owners, Dave and Val! So for this wonderful husband-and-wife team, we are doing a special double employee spotlight this month!

Dave and Valerie Marshall are the founders of LeashLocket, Ltd. Dave is the CEO and Valerie is the President. The Marshalls are long-time animal lovers and they have always had several pets, many of whom have been rescued. Four years ago when on an annual camping trip, the Marshalls' friend's dog escaped to a neighboring campground. They had to drag the dog back by the collar, which got Dave to thinking that some dogs just need a leash on them at all times! He figured there were several of these on the market, but found that there weren't which set the LeashLocket wheels in motion. Dave and Val began to put together a plan to launch a product and a company. They were business owners already but couldn't resist the challenge of a start-up company with an international presence.

Dave and Val are true Coloradans, they love to hike, ski, bike, camp, play Volleyball and run outdoors. They are very active and many of their activities are outdoors. They have two children, Dirk and Aly, who have also been involved in the company in many ways, from making videos to helping out at local pet events. The Marshalls are a great family and they have formed a company that is very family-oriented and all of their employees couldn't be more thankful for that!

Val’s answers

What's playing in your car right now? A variety of fairly main-stream alternative rock and pop - but no rap in my car, please.

Any hidden talents? I can imitate Fat Albert from the old Cosby Show.

Most famous person you met? My maiden name is Schakel (pronounced Skakel).  A few years back I had the opportunity to go to the Kennedy estate and meet Ethel Skakel Kennedy.  We discussed our similar names and ancestors from Holland and pondered the possibility of being distant cousins. 

What is your favorite meal? That's a hard one.  I love food in general.  When I think of my favorite meal, however, it's not so much what I'm eating as the setting.  Give me dinner on an awesome deck with a great view and people I love and I'm happy as a clam.

Best advice anyone has given you?  You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.  - Dirk Schakel (my dad).  Although he was old school, he definitely believed in equal rights when it came to women. He made sure I had a good education, had a chance to learn to play the violin (just like him), knew how to fish and throw a Frisbie, play basketball and throw a football. He also made sure I knew how to change my own oil, change tires, roof houses, mow lawns and that I had at least a modest understanding of my manual transmission including fly-wheel installation.  Did I mention I was an only child?  I think I made up for the son he never had!

What character trait do you most admire? Most definitely honesty.  I can't stand being lied to.

TV show you never miss? I don't really watch any TV shows regularly.

Name one short term goal. Right now work goals seem all-encompassing, but one fun goal I have is to get in at least 4 ski trips this upcoming ski season.  Bring on the sunny powder days!!

What motivates you? Having a hard to obtain but reachable goal.  Once I set a goal, I'll do just about anything to get there - whether it's fun-related, work/education-related or workout/health related.

What book are you currently reading? Gifted Hands by Ben Carson.


Dave’s answers:

What's playing in your car right now? Usually 93.3-I like a lot of the new alternative rock bands during the day and weird talk radio in the middle of the night

Any hidden talents? Yes, but if i tell you, they won't be hidden anymore  ; )

Most famous person you met? I think I may have bought a car from one of John Elway's dealerships once, but other than that, no famous people in my life...just family and friends which suits me just fine.

What is your favorite meal? Green chili over rice

Best advice anyone has given you? Live in the now

What character trait do you most admire? Humor; especially quick razor sharp wit

TV show you never miss? None, though there are some shows that I and the family enjoy together, such as, Psych, Warehouse 13 and Once Upon a Time

Name one short term goal.  To create a long term strategy

What motivates you?  Ensuring success for others

What book are you currently reading? This question is kind of unfair-I read a new book every few nights so I purchased a bunch from the Barnes & Noble Nook Under $5 Section and they are really about a series of books I have recently enjoyed? I liked three of the four Alex Verus novels by Benedict Jacka.