Starting this month we are going to spotlight our employees once a month. We sure think we have a fun office and are happy to share some of this with our fans! Our first employee featured is our Sales Director, Rhonda Schirado. Rhonda has been with LeashLocket from the beginning and has been a huge asset in so many ways. Rhonda has been in sales for most of her life and the opportunity to have the challenge of a start-up company was too exciting for her to resist! Rhonda has incredible enthusiasm for LeashLocket and having been here from the beginning, she knows just about everything there is to know about the product and the company! 


Rhonda is a Colorado native, growing up in Lakewood and attending Fort Lewis College in Durango. She has been married to her husband, Mike, for 13 years and has two daughters, Peyton (12) and Shea (10). Rhonda enjoys the Colorado lifestyle, making a point to take trips up to the mountains every summer. She is also involved in her daughters' Girl Scout troops and enjoys many projects with them. Rhonda is a joy to have around the office, she has a great attitude and we are happy to have her!


A few fun facts about Rhonda:


What's playing in your car right now? The radio

Any hidden talents? – How about a fun fact: I was a surrogate and carried a little boy for another family; he is nearly 7 now!

Most famous person you met? Shannon Sharpe from the Broncos

What is your favorite meal? Crispy Chili Rellenos with rice and beans

Best advice anyone has given you? Always let the other person talk first, and LISTEN to what they are saying. Many conflicts can be avoided because you actually understand what the other is trying to tell you.

What character trait do you most admire? The ability to listen

TV show you never miss? I don’t watch regular TV – I catch the whole series on NetFlix and my favorite is Family Guy!

Name one short term goal. Help my daughter earn $1,000.00 for her cheerleading team

What motivates you? My husband and 2 girls

What book are you currently reading? White Wind Blew: A Novel of Waverly Hills by James Markert