This year is LeashLocket’s very first Christmas, since we only debuted in September at SuperZoo in Las Vegas. We’re not old enough yet to have any Christmas stories of our own, so we thought we’d turn to our facebook friends and ask them for some of theirs. We’re running a contest on the funniest holiday pet stories, with a LeashLocket as the prize. Here are some of the fun entries so far. Got your own funny Christmas pet story? We’d love to hear it! Just go to and enter your story for your chance to win a free LeashLocket of your own!

1.Tucson Xmas

By Kevin Grove

When I met my girlfriend (now wife) – she had this amazing dog named Tucson. Tucson was by far the smarted dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. You can speak to him in a normal voice, like you were speaking to a roommate, and he would be able to understand a remarkable bit of it. If you just casually say to him “Tucson – go get your duck,” he will walk over to his toy basket, dig through, and grab his beanie baby duck. Well the very first Christmas I got to spend with him, I got him this HUGE bone. I think it was a femur to a cow if I remember correctly. Tucson loves chewing on bones so I wanted to get him one that was just WAY overdone, thinking he would love it and it would get a pretty big laugh from all the guests. Well, sure enough, my future wife told him, “Tucson – let’s open your present!” And, sure enough, he went in nose first, picked and pushed away the wrapping paper, and exposed this humongous monster of a bone. He was able to pick it up – barely. He had to hold his head and neck super stiff and would just walk around in circles all over the house – giving everyone a grand display of his power. After about 30 minutes of this, he got a little tired and took a wee bit of a nap. That’s when I snapped this picture - by far one of my favorite holiday (and in general) times with him so far.


2. Christmas Tree Addition

By Meg Murphy

Our dog Ali was a rescue from a Boxer rescue. She was the most gentle, smart and loving dog we have ever had. The very first Christmas we had her we were a bit worried about having a large Christmas tree, not knowing if she had ever seen one before and would be afraid of it. Well, when we put the tree up, working all day on the decorations Ali just sat and watched us do everything. When we were done we noticed her going by the tree to check it out. Before we knew it she had pulled a blanket from her bed to the tree and as if setting it up to make a new bed under the tree. For the rest of the season that is where she slept. Each year the very same thing, making a bed underneath the Christmas tree. We have not figured out if it is the safety she feels under the tree or all the attention she gets from visitors seeing her sleeping soundly under the beautifully lit tree. But in any case she is a special gift to us seeing her enjoying her holiday bedding.


3. Squeakers

By Juliana Palmcook

We started out fostering Bandit, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, four years ago. He became officially ours after the news that his previous owner passed away. That year was hard on him. He was a feral dog at the time. He would jump up on our kitchen table and eat and toss plates or anything on the table. After a labor of love with him he became a sweet and affectionate dog. Every time we came home from the grocery store, he had to check the bags… in case there was a squeaky toy. When we returned home from town with a bag with a squeaky toy, Bandit would quiver. That Christmas we had bought about five toys for him. My husband was wrapping my gifts in the basement and I was upstairs wrapping my husband’s gifts along with Bandit’s. When my husband called me down to ask me a question… Bandit immediately ran upstairs. Within seconds we heard squeaking noises and the unraveling of paper. He had opened all of his Christmas gifts and only his. He did not touch the other gifts. That moment in time has brought us laughter and joy over and over again. I failed to mention that my husband worked sometimes at a plastic factory and would bring home “squeakers” from the shop from time to time. Oh, how Bandit loved those “squeakers”.