Summertime is the perfect time to hike with your dog; whether it’s in the mountains, around a lake, or through the woods, it can be a great experience for you and your furry friend! Dog parks are great for dogs in the city, but sometimes it feels great to hit the open trail and let your dog roam a little! LeashLocket is the perfect accessory for your hiking pooch, it allows you to let your dog free, but without the worry that you can’t grab them if you come across any wildlife. Make sure to check leash laws in your area before letting your pooch off leash though!

If your dog isn’t used to hiking, it is best to ease them in. Depending on what type of terrain you choose, it can be rough on their paws. If they are used to being walked in the city or at a grassy park, take them on a few shorter hikes before attempting anything more than a few miles, this allows calluses to develop on their paws which makes hiking much more comfortable and enjoyable for them! Also, don’t forget to bring a collapsible bowl and plenty of water for your dog, keeping them hydrated and cool is important, especially in these hot summer months!

The smells and sounds of the outdoors are very exciting for your dog, so providing them with this type of adventure can be very exciting! Check out local hiking trails for more information on leash laws, rules for your dogs and terrain description.

Do you take your dog hiking? What is your favorite spot to go?