We are happy to say that many of the animals at the LeashLocket headquarters are rescued. Rescuing animals is not only rewarding for the animal, but also incredibly rewarding for you knowing that you helped save a precious life! Do you not have the time or resources to rescue a puppy or a kitten but still want to help? Then read on for some other, non-traditional, ways to help!


Shelters often rely on donations and fundraising. As anyone who has participated in a fundraiser knows, it's not always easy to get people to part with their hard-earned money! But these animals depend on the money raised to feed them, especially in no-kill shelters that may keep some animals for a long time before they are adopted. Feeding, boarding and walking them can get expensive. Donating, even a small monthly amount, to pet shelters is incredibly valuable for the animals at shelters as well as the staff that looks after them every day. Another way to help is to participate in fundraisers. There are many ways to fund raise, walks and runs that benefit animal shelters are popular across the US and we do our best to be at as many local events as we can. Vendors often donate a portion of their proceeds to the shelter hosting the event and they also get revenues from the purchase of booths and the money the runners pay to participate in the race. Another option to donate would be to donate gently-used toys for cats and dogs, or food that perhaps your animal didn't like, there is always a need!


If you aren't able to donate money, perhaps you could consider volunteering at an animal shelter, we promise it will be as rewarding for you as it is for the animals! These shelters are often short-staffed and that takes away from the individual attention that dogs get. If you have a couple extra hours on a weekend there are many ways to volunteer, from cleaning cages to taking the dogs on walks, it is very beneficial for the shelters and the animals there!


Adopting a dog or cat from shelters is one of the more obvious ways to help these animals, but that isn't always realistic for everyone. If you want to help, you could consider fostering an animal until they find a forever home. This allows you a little more flexibility while providing the animal with a warm, comfortable place to live as well as a companion.


In short, there are many ways to help and whatever you can give whether it be time, animal supplies or money is incredibly important to animal shelters all over the country!