In recent years support has been growing across America for banning long leashes. People are tired of getting tangled up in their own dog’s leash, and of watching passersby get tangled in the leash of owners who are unable to control their dogs at the end of a very long leash. Super long leashes are increasingly seen as irresponsible and dangerous, and LeashLocket agrees – how can anyone control their pet at the end of 30 feet of unpredictability?

More and more, states and municipalities are taking the initiative to pass leash laws that limit lead length to 6 or 7 feet. Areas that recently put such laws in place or currently are implementing them include the following:

San Jose, CA:; Marin County, CA:;Livermore, CA:;

Erie, CO:; Southmont Borough Johnstown, PA:; Kitty Hawk & Cape Hattaras (Outer Banks Leash Laws):
Cambridge, MA (several others listed at 7 feet):; and 
Dracut, MA:

The focus has been on retractable leashes as they are seen as the primary offender. But the world of retractable leashes is changing as well.

Take LeashLocket, for instance. The large LeashLocket, meant for dogs up to 90 pounds, extends to just 6 feet. The small LeashLocket, for dogs up to 55 pounds, is just under 6 feet in length when fully extended. Then LeashLocket also features a super smooth locking mechanism that allows you to set the durable tape lead to your length of choice.

So LeashLocket is a perfect example of why retractable leashes deserve a second look these days, even for people who may not have been fans in the past. LeashLocket provides a retractable option that meets most new legislative guidelines and still gives your dog the freedom to play, yet have the leash available at a moment's notice.