Have you been considering adopting a dog but haven't ever had one and don't know where to begin with training? That is something many people who are first-time dog owners struggle with. One fabulous option is to adopt a prison-trained dog. These dogs spend many weeks being trained by prisoners and the benefits are plentiful. First and foremost, many prison programs save dogs from being put down, whether they are at a shelter or donated by individuals or families that just don't have time for dogs, their lives are quite often spared by these programs.

Dogs from these programs play many rolls, some are trained to be family pets, others are trained to be assistance dogs. The training programs for each different dog vary greatly, but in the time that the prisoners have the dogs they are temperament tested to ensure that they go to the right family or are appropriate for the duties of an assistance dog.

All dogs are given appropriate vet care, including spaying, neutering, shots and more. These dogs are then placed with individual prisoners to learn basic skills and socialization. Being around other dogs allows them to learn to interact with dogs and humans appropriately. The dogs are also taught all the basic skills they need, sometimes even including hand signals. The dogs benefit greatly from learning these skills, but the prisoners also benefit from having the love of a canine companion. Last but not least, the new owners benefit in that they get a dog that may have been rescued and has all the basic skills they need to begin life with their new family! The time they spend with the prisoners also allows these organizations to analyze what type of family the dog would be best off with, whether it's with children or perhaps the dog is better suited for an older family. Either way, the benefits are tremendous and we encourage you to look into these adoption programs in your area!