Have you adopted a dog from a shelter before? If you have, you probably realize what a rewarding experience it can be! There are many benefits to rescuing dogs, perhaps the biggest being that you potentially saved a dog from being euthanized. Fortunately there are many no-kill shelters out there that don't euthanize animals that aren't adopted, but unfortunately some shelters don't have the space or other resources to be no-kill. Either way, saving an animal's life is wonderful not only for the pet, but for you too!

For starters, shelters make sure animals are healthy and up-to-date on their shots; many shelters even spay or neuter dogs and cats when they receive them. So you're getting a healthy animal that is often also screened for temperament. Shelters usually have a pretty good idea of the animal's personality and that is helpful when matching them up with different families. Some dogs are great with children, others are better with older couples or single, active adults. Adopting from a shelter can take some of the guess work out of the process. Instead of hoping that a dog or cat will fit in with your lifestyle after spending a few minutes with them at a pet store, you have some actual data and real information that helps you make the best decision.

We've all seen the footage of the horrible conditions in puppy mills, and by rescuing a dog you aren't supporting that practice. The more money we give to non-reputable breeders and puppy mills, the more animals suffer. By using our dollars to rescue a puppy we are doing our small part to put those awful places out of business, if enough people rescue dogs it can go a long way! Our dollar is often our strongest vote, so vote wisely!! There are so many different types of dogs at shelters that even if you have your heart set on a purebred, chances are good that you'll find one!

Tell us, have you ever rescued an animal? Was it a positive experience for you and your pet?