The LeashLocket team came back tired but happy from a fantastic debut at SuperZoo last week in Las Vegas!  We sent five LeashLocketers from our Denver headquarters: LeashLocket inventor and CEO Dave Marshall, Sales Director Rhonda Schirado, Social Media Director Taryn Gitzen, Director of Customer Support and Fulfillment Nancy Steffens, and Communications Director Margaret Rankin. We stayed at the Luxor, which was connected to the convention site, the Mandalay Bay, and not one of us stepped outside from Monday evening until Thursday afternoon. Instead we demonstrated LeashLocket at our booth all day, every day. We talked to more than a thousand retailers, buyers, product representatives, groomers and representatives of the print, radio and television media. Here’s a clip of Dave and Rhonda in the booth¸ being interviewed by Billy Carmen of ProductNewsChannel.com

Throughout the conference we had support from the rest of the crew back on South Downing Street, and it all went off without a hitch. Rhonda and Nancy stayed on through the weekend to soak up a little of the Las Vegas sunshine and ambience, processing orders and taking phone calls at the swimming pool. Nice work, if you can get it - Dave even had a little luck at the tables!

So September has been a huge and wonderful month for us. LeashLocket sales went live on our website on September 1.  Las Vegas was a smashing success, and LeashLocket President and Marketing Director Val Marshall had her first radio interview on All Paws Pet Talk, broadcast nationwide this past weekend. Now we’re gearing up for the H.H. Backer Christmas show in Chicago, October 14-16. Hope to see you there!