It’s no secret that our furry little friends often come with a big price tag. The initial cost of buying a puppy (or the usually-lower adoption fee) is just the beginning of the many costs associated with pets. There are the normal, everyday costs of food, treats and supplies. There are also occasional expenses such as toys, collars and leashes. The vet bills are what can get really expensive. Our little friends need shots, spaying or neutering and basic care which we can usually prepare for. However, when something unexpected happens, the costs start adding up. A freak accident can happen and the vet bill might be significantly more than we want to pay or can afford to pay. We love our dogs, but we still wish they were a LITTLE bit more careful!

So, what are the options to help get the costs under control? Some things can be done, by us, at home. For example, some dogs are easily groomed. Dogs with longer fur may be harder to groom at home, but brushing and bathing them regularly can help increase the time between groomer visits. Pet insurance is another option to help keep costs down. Pet insurance can be relatively inexpensive, and when animals have a big vet bill, it sure is appreciated! Many pet insurance companies offer varying levels of care, so depending on your finances you can choose what is best for you, and your furry friend. Another suggestion would be to have a pet savings account. By setting aside a certain amount of money each month, you can assure that you won’t have to choose between your finances and your dog. If your pet is lucky enough to live a life free of accidents, then you have some extra money for either yourself or perhaps another pet!

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