Travelin’ Jack’s TOP 10 Travel Tips for Pet-Cations and Pet Lodging Guidelines!

PLAN A TRIP WITH YOUR PET!  Travelin’ Jack recommends you bring Fido along for the fun!  

1.     PET-CATION TIME. Summer, Winter, Fall or Spring… Travelin’ Jack  reminds you there are a myriad of great travel options awaiting….probably some right in your back yard…and during all four seasons!  Whether the trip is a long-distance vacation or just a quick nearby weekend get-away,  there’s sure to be a doggone dandy pet-cation awaiting both the person and the pet. So do some research!  Choose your next travel destination and check on the pet-friendly options available in that area.

2.     RESEARCH YOUR PET FRIENDLY HOTEL OPTIONSTravelin’ Jack recommends advance on-line research for pet friendly hotels.  BUT a word to the dog-wise….don’t rely totally on the information from these searches.  Some websites are out-of-date on pet-friendly locations. Many hotels are adding pet-friendly rooms due to increasing demand.  Some websites only post paid advertisers or have special rules that don’t apply to all traveling dogs.  So, after you research the hotel….CALL AHEAD to that hotel and verify their current pet-friendly status. 

3.     RESERVE A PET-FRIENDLY ROOMTravelin’ Jack reminds you that not all rooms are available for pets-even at a pet-friendly hotel.  Always request a designated pet-friendly room when you book your reservation.  Some pet-friendly rooms might include: ground floor location (easy in-out), tile floors, patio setting….dog-cetera.  IF all the pet-friendly rooms are occupied, & without an advance reservation your hotel may not be pet-friendly upon arrival.

4.     CHECK OUT PET-FRIENDLY RULES AT EACH HOTEL. Travelin’ Jack has discovered that not all pet-friendly hotels have the same rules.  Some have breed restrictions, pet size restrictions, number of pets allowed, number of pet-available rooms, and varying fees.  Check EACH hotel for their specific rules BEFORE you get there.

5.     RESEARCH HOTEL PET-FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE. Travelin’ Jack reminds you to check out the hotel setting for the traveling pooch as well.  Are there acres of grassy roaming areas?  Or just a cement driveway?  

6.     HOTEL PET AMENITIES. Travelin’ Jack reminds you to inquire about pet amenities.  Many pet friendly hotels have special pet amenities and services …from food bowls, doggie treats upon arrival to Pet-Sitting & Paw-dicures! 

7.     NEVER LEAVE YOUR PET UNATTENDED IN THE ROOM. Travelin’ Jack likes to go everywhere too!  If your people need to go somewhere that doesn’t allow pets, check out pet sitting services, doggie-day cares etc. 

8.     DINING AL-FRESCO.   Travelin’ Jack loves to eat…and knows by experience that many restaurants offer PET-IO dining on the patio.  Some even offer pet treats and bowls of water for the dining pooch. Picnics are always loved by the pooch …and don’t forget carry-out options for dining in the hotel room.

9.     MY FAVORITE THINGS. Travelin’ Jack takes his favorite blanket, squeaky and chew toys….and of course some doggie snacks for the trip.  Familiar & favorite pet items make for a happier pup!  And Travelin’ Jack ALWAYS travels with his dog-crate.  It’is his home-away-from-home and is an immediate comfort zone in a strange place.

10.   PLAN YOUR DESTINATION WITH FIDO IN MIND. Travelin’ Jack thinks some trips are just better for pet-cations.  Outdoor activities…..hiking, camping, picnicking with the family,  places to visit that allow pets.  Plan accordingly.  If   is a people activity that doesn’t include Fido, check out Doggie Day Care options or Pet Sitters.