LeashLocket™ Retractable Leash in a Locket to Showcase at H.H. Backer Christmas Trade Show

August 1, 2011                                                                                                 News Release



LeashLocket™ Retractable Leash in a Locket to Showcase at H.H. Backer Christmas Trade Show


Denver, CO … LeashLocket™, the first retractable leash in a locket that snaps to a magnetic attachment provided for your dog’s existing collar or harness, will be showcased at the H. H. Backer Christmas Trade Show & Educational Conference, taking place Oct. 14-16 in Chicago. The H. H. Backer show is the first show following LeashLocket™’s launch in September, an event LeashLocket™ inventor and CEO Dave Marshall heralded as a way for dog owners to improve the instant control, safety, and convenience of every walk with their pets.

“The concept of letting your dog carry the leash for a change became a quest for us, something we knew we could make into a very useful reality,” said Dave, speaking for the LeashLocket, Ltd. design and business team. “Using LeashLocket is just so much easier all around: You can’t forget your leash or leave it behind, and it’s always within easy reach whenever you’re with your pet – just grab it and go!”

LeashLocket™’s design was perfected through two years of development and production with leading pet-product experts. Today it’s one of the best-quality, most durable leashes on the market, and will soon be available in two sizes directly through www.leashlocket.com, as well as through pet product retailers across the United States. The Small size securely holds dogs up to 55 pounds, and weighs just over 2.5 ounces. The Large size is for dogs up to 90 pounds and weighs just under 4 ounces. Both leashes extend to nearly 6 feet, the length of a conventional dog leash.

The Concept:  The idea for LeashLocket™ first came about when Dave and his family were camping in the summer of 2009 with friends and their dogs in Colorado. One of the dogs wandered into a neighboring campsite, frightening campers there. Her owner didn’t have a leash handy, and could only grab her dog by the collar and drag her from the campsite.

“I remember having an ‘a-ha’ moment then,” Dave said. “I thought now why couldn’t there be a leash that could be carried on your dog’s collar or harness for a change? I knew it would need to be one you could quickly and easily shorten when you need more control, but one that could also be lengthened when you have more freedom.”

Making LeashLocket™ a Reality: Dave and his wife, LeashLocket, Ltd. President and Marketing Director Val Marshall, set to work on the creative process with their kids Dirk and Aly. Dave and Dirk used Dirk’s modeling clay to design the initial prototype. Today, LeashLocket™’s innovative and patented design features an ergonomic locket that comfortably fits nearly any user’s hand. The incorporated brake button instantly locks the leash at your chosen length and the LeashLocket™ wrist strap, available separately, gives dog owners the option of hands-free convenience and added security while walking their dogs.

 How LeashLocket™ Works: To use LeashLocket, fasten the collar attachment provided in the LeashLocket™ package around your dog’s existing collar or harness with the magnetic rivet facing outward.   

When you’re holding LeashLocket™ like a traditional leash, it has a convenient brake button that allows you to instantly stop the leash.  You can then lock the brake at your desired length up to nearly 6 feet.


When you want hands-free convenience, simply snap the magnet on the back of the leash onto the rivet on the collar attachment.  Your dog is now carrying the leash!


For more detailed information on using LeashLocket™ please refer to our safety precautions and instructions for use, available on LeashLocket™ packaging and on our website, www.leashlocket.com.

Helping Animals in Need: Following LeashLocket™’s debut, the Marshalls will also launch the LeashLocket™ Animal Shelter, Treatment, Rescue, & Outreach ( ASTRO)  Foundation, which dedicates a  portion of the proceeds from LeashLocket™ sales to helping abused, neglected and lost pets at qualifying shelters nationwide.

“Our family has always had pets in our lives, and we unfortunately lost our cat Cali recently,” says Valerie. “In searching for him at all the nearby shelters, we saw just how many pets really are in need of care and loving homes. So when Dave came up with the idea for LeashLocket™, we realized it would be an ideal way for us to help animals in need at the same time.”

For more information on LeashLocket™ ASTRO and how you can be involved, please visit the non-profit page of our website, www.leashlocket.com.

Company Information: LeashLocket, Ltd. was formed in December 2009 with the objective of manufacturing and supplying high-quality, safe pet products. A portion of the proceeds from LeashLocketsales helps abused, neglected and lost pets through the LeashLocket™ ASTRO Foundation. Headquartered at 2442 South Downing Street, Denver, CO, 80210, LeashLocket, Ltd. is reachable by phone at (877) 698-2001, with faxes received at (303)698-2001. Please direct general inquiries to info@leashlocket.com.


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For media and image requests, please contact LeashLocket, Ltd. Communications Director Margaret Rankin at mrankin@leashlocket.com, or on (303) 698-2000, cell (720) 232-8842.