Charity News

Congratulations to Halfway Home Grehound Adoption for finding over 5400 homes for retired racing greyhounds!  Glad we could help out!





MaxFund is a no-kill animal shelter in Denver, they have been providing dog and cat adoption and low-cost veterinary care since 1989.


LeashLocket™ Teams Up with Special Olympics for Colorado Polar Plunges

Denver, CO … LeashLocket™, the first retractable leash in a locket that lets your dog carry the leash for a change, exhibited at the Chatfield Reservoir Polar Plunge benefiting the Special Olympics on February 11, and once again at the Boulder Reservoir Polar Plunge, February 18.

Over 500 plungers braved the below-freezing temperatures and icy waters at the plunges.  Brrr! Congratulations to each of these brave souls who took the plunge to help Special Olympics!


 Collars for a Cause ® Auction

Collars For A Cause®, an exclusive project of LIFE+DOG Magazine, involves the auction of unique and one-of-a-kind collars to benefit Spay-Neuter. LeashLocket is donating leashes for the event to help raise awareness for this important cause.

Proceeds went to benefit the Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) which provides free and reduced-cost spay-neuter and animal wellness services. The mission of SNAP is to prevent the suffering and death of cats and dogs due to overpopulation and preventable diseases, especially in low-income areas. Since founded in 1993, SNAP has sterilized over 350,000 dogs and cats. Every animal SNAP spays and neuters brings us closer to ending the tragedy of animal overpopulation. SNAP is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization is dependent on the community’s tax-deductible contributions to provide these vital services.


Atlantis Inc.

LeashLocket also dotated a leash to help Atlantis Inc., an underwater robotics team comprised of 6-9th graders, making their own Remote Operated Vehicle for the MATE Center's ROV Competition. It's a long journey to Regionals: but one with soldering, wiring, and friendships along the way.

We received a great letter from them saying, “THANK YOU SO MUCH for your donation!  We are really hoping that the retractable leash will work to solve our mission task for measuring the shipwreck! … We will send you pictures of our ROV and how we have solved this mission task – crossed fingers that it works!”    Good luck Atlantis!!

Retractable Dog Leashes Helping Animals in Need

LeashLocket ASTRO Fund

The LeashLocket Animal Shelter, Treatment, Rescue and Outreach (ASTRO) Fund was created  to help organizations providing services to animals in need. We offer support to top-rated US animal shelters and associated non-profits through financial and product donations, event sponsorship and information distribution.

Money for the fund is raised through LeashLocket Ltd. sales, with a percentage of the net revenue from our retractable dog leashes and other products going directly to the LeashLocket ASTRO fund. You are welcome to contribute to this fund as well - just email us at, and we'll have a representative get in touch!

As we raise funds from retractable dog leash sales, we're also evaluating shelters and associated non-profits as candidates for LeashLocket ASTRO support. In order to choose those best able to help pets in need, the board carefully reviews each candidate’s policies on quality of animal care, adoption rates, no-kill policies and responsible administration.

Two animals were the driving force behind the start of LeashLocket ASTRO Fund. Their names are Cali and Cooper, and these are their stories:



Cali's Impact on LeashLocket's Commitment to Non-Profits

On September 15, 2009 while the Marshalls were starting to design LeashLocket, they lost their kitty, Cali.

"He just disappeared that evening," Val recalls. "We spent days and days combing the neighborhood, searching all of the local shelters and putting up notices in all the local vet clinics, but with no luck."

“We’d almost always adopted our pets from shelters, but losing Cali really drove the point home that so many poor animals are out there in shelters wanting a family. Every time we walked the aisles of cages, the cats and dogs tried to get our attention, rubbing against the cages and wanting to lick our fingers. Each of them seemed to crying out, ‘Please let me come home with you!’ ”

“That was when we decided we would give a portion of the proceeds from LeashLocket sales to reputable animal shelters that really take care of their animals.”

Cooper's Lost and Found Story

Cooper was an abandoned Golden Retriever puppy who was lucky enough to find a home. His owners, the McIntosh family, had just lost their elderly Golden Retriever Katie, and were missing her immensely. They contacted Golden Rescue to try to find a new companion. Little did they know that about the time they were calling in search of a new pet, a small puppy only a couple of weeks old had been abandoned and was scheduled to be euthanized by a shelter in the Midwest. A trucker who knew about Colorado's Golden Rescue group happened to stop in at the shelter and took the tiny puppy with him. Cooper went all the way to New Jersey with the trucker before coming back to the McIntoshes in Colorado.

Cooper’s story didn't end there. Maybe because he had to be such a fighter, he takes the chance to run free whenever he can. Not too long ago, he got loose and found himself on Denver’s Downing Street in heavy traffic. Yet another family took the time to stop their car, finally get him into it and took him to a vet. Since he was micro-chipped, he was once again reunited with his family.

 “We want to see more successful stories like Cooper’s, and we have pledged to do everything we can to make that happen.”

 – Dave Marshall, Founder and CEO of LeashLocket Ltd.