LeashLocket™ Receives Patent Approval

January 10, 2013                                                                                                       News Release



LeashLocket™ Receives Patent Approval


Denver, CO … LeashLocket™ has received notice from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that all twenty-nine of its claims on its revolutionary, collar-mounted, retractable pet leash have been upheld as patentable. A utility patent allows the patent holder to exclude others from making, selling or using the invention for up to twenty years from the filing of the patent application.

“First-to-market is an incredible position to be in, but to have the only patented product in a specific niche is the optimum place to be,” said David Marshall, CEO of LeashLocket, Ltd. “It has been an incredible time for LeashLocket.”

LeashLocket™’s design was perfected through more than two years of development and production by a team of ten engineers and leading pet-product experts. Today it is the premier collar-mounted, retractable leash on the market, and provides an excellent way for pet owners to improve the control, safety, and convenience of every walk with their dog.

Using LeashLocket™ is a snap. After fastening the magnetic snap attachment around your dog’s collar or harness, just connect the snaphook to your dog’s D-ring as usual and use it as you would any other retractable leash. At the end of the walk, you retract LeashLocket™ all the way to your dog’s collar or harness and then snap the locket onto the collar attachment. Your dog is now carrying the leash securely on the collar or harness, ready to grab and go the next time you need it!

About LeashLocket, Ltd.: LeashLocket, Ltd. was formed in December 2009 with the objective of manufacturing and supplying high-quality, safe pet products. A portion of the proceeds from LeashLocket™ sales helps abused, neglected and lost pets through the LeashLocket ASTRO Foundation. Headquartered at 2442 South Downing Street, Denver, CO, 80210, LeashLocket, Ltd. is reachable by phone at (877) 698-2001, with faxes received at (303) 698-2001. Please direct general inquiries to info@leashlocket.com.

For media and image requests: please contact LeashLocket, Ltd. Communications Director Leah Overton at loverton@leashlocket.com, or at (303) 698-2000, cell (619) 549-2411.