LeashLocket, Ltd.’s Quarterly Donation Boosts the ASTRO Foundation

May 2, 2013                                                                                                   News Release



LeashLocket, Ltd.’s Quarterly Donation Boosts the ASTRO Foundation


Denver, CO …LeashLocket, Ltd. is excited to announce that the first quarterly donation of 2013 has been made to the ASTRO Foundation! The LeashLocket ASTRO Foundation was created as a Colorado nonprofit corporation to help organizations providing services to animals in need.

ASTRO stands for Animal Shelter, Treatment, Rescue and Outreach and the mission is to support top-rated US animal shelters and associated non-profits through financial and product donations, event sponsorship and information distribution. In order to choose those best able to help pets in need, the foundation board carefully reviews each candidate’s policies on quality of animal care, adoption rates, no-kill policies and responsible administration.

“Helping to find homes for abused, lost and neglected animals has always been very near and dear to my heart. Shortly after LeashLocket began operations, we lost our pet, Cali. After personally searching the shelters daily to find him and seeing all of the wonderful animals that needed a home so badly, my husband and I decided then and there to do what we could to help,” said Valerie Marshall, President of LeashLocket, Ltd.

In addition to private donations, money for the foundation is raised through LeashLocket, Ltd. sales, with a percentage of the net revenue from LeashLocket retractable dog leashes and other products going directly to the foundation. LeashLocket ASTRO Foundation is governed by a board of directors that draws concerned pet caretakers from all walks of life. If you would like to help pets in need, please contact a representative at ASTRO@leashlocket.com to make donation!

About LeashLocket, Ltd.: LeashLocket, Ltd. was formed in December 2009 with the objective of manufacturing and supplying high-quality, safe pet products. A portion of the proceeds from LeashLocket™ sales helps abused, neglected and lost pets through the LeashLocket ASTRO Foundation. Headquartered at 2442 South Downing Street, Denver, CO, 80210, LeashLocket, Ltd. is reachable by phone at (877) 698-2001, with faxes received at (303) 698-2001. Please direct general inquiries to info@leashlocket.com.

For media and image requests: please contact LeashLocket, Ltd. Communications Director Leah Overton at loverton@leashlocket.com, or at (303) 698-2000, cell (619) 549-2411.