LeashLocket Safety Precautions & Instructions for Use

Anyone who uses this product MUST READ AND UNDERSTAND all of the Safety Precautions and Instructions for Use before using the LeashLocket.  Failure to read and understand the Safety Precautions and Instructions for Use may result in serious bodily injury to yourself, your dog, and/or anyone coming into contact with the LeashLocket, including but not limited to, cuts, injury to the eyes and/or face, burns to the skin, and possible amputation of a limb.

Download the Safety and Use Instructions by clicking here.

LeashLocket Instructions for Use

Before using the LeashLocket, READ ALL of these instructions, and the Safety Precautions listed below.

Make sure the collar attachment and LeashLocket are in working order and are not damaged in any way.

Check the parts to make sure they are in working order every time you use the LeashLocket.

To prevent injuries caused by the ring on your dog’s collar breaking, test the strength of the connection by pulling on your dog’s D-ring with the LeashLocket to make sure it’s secure. If you believe that the ring on your dog’s collar is not strong enough, ****call us or visit our website to request a free security collar.

To use LeashLocket as intended, follow the steps below.

ATTACH the collar attachment on your dog’s collar with the attachment rivet facing out as shown here.This will allow you to temporarily store the LeashLocket on the dog’s collar.

ATTACH the snap hook to the ring on your dog’s collar. While holding the LeashLocket, pull away from the dog’s collar and the leash/webbing will extend as your arm pulls.

TO APPLY THE BRAKE, simply press on the brake button. Keep the brake button depressed to keep the brake on. The brake will only function while the brake button is being depressed or is locked.

TO LOCK, press the brake button and push forward toward the leash webbing. Always lock the webbing in place before attaching the LeashLocket to your dog’s collar.  

TO ATTACH THE LEASHLOCKET TO THE DOG’S COLLAR, let the LeashLocket retract back to the dog’s collar. Lock the webbing in place. Place the LeashLocket on the collar attachment as shown.

The LeashLocket will be kept in place around your dog’s neck.

TO USE the optional wrist strap (sold separately), attach the wrist strap to the ring on the LeashLocket and place your hand through the wrist strap webbing as shown here. The wrist strap is not necessary to use the LeashLocket; it is for convenience only.

Do Not keep the LeashLocket permanently attached to the dog’s collar. This feature is for convenience while your dog is being supervised.

The LeashLocket will only operate properly with a well-behaved dog.  If your dog pulls on the leash too much while walking, discontinue use of the LeashLocket.

ENJOY YOUR NEW LEASHLOCKET! For more information regarding Instructions on how to use the Leash-Locket, please visit us at www.LeashLocket.com.


LeashLocket, Ltd. offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and replacement warranty from the date of purchase on all parts, excluding shipping and handling. If any part of the LeashLocket is damaged, return the damaged unit along with your proof of purchase to the address listed below, postage prepaid. Your LeashLocket will be repaired and sent back to you, or if repair is not feasible, to be determined by LeashLocket, Ltd., then you will be sent a new LeashLocket. This Warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the LeashLocket. Intentional misuse, damage caused by the dog and/or from the LeashLocket striking any surface, or any other misuse, shall void this warranty.

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LeashLocket is a trademark of LeashLocket, Ltd. For any questions or comments regarding our product,

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LeashLocket Safety Precautions


Important safety information.

Retractable leashes require special precautions to reduce the risk of injury. Read this entire page before using the LeashLocket. Only use the LeashLocket as recommended in these Safety Precautions and Instructions for Use. There is no other use intended for the LeashLocket other than the use listed here.


Before using the LeashLocket, examine all parts included in the package to make sure they are all working properly and that they are not damaged in any way. If there is damage to any part of the LeashLocket, do not use it:  Refer to Replacement Warranty.

The LeashLocket is only to be used by responsible adults over 16 years of  age. 

DO NOT use the LeashLocket around infants and children of any age,  including but  not limited to strollers and baby carriers. 

DO NOT allow the LeashLocket’s leash/webbing to come in contact with, or  become wrapped or tangled around fingers, hands, or any other body parts. 

DO NOT use the LeashLocket if any part, especially the leash/webbing itself, becomes damaged or frayed in any way.

DO NOT leave the LeashLocket attached to a dog when not in use, or when dog is unattended.                

DO NOT use the LeashLocket for a dog weighing more than the recommended weight which is indicated on the LeashLocket housing and package. 

Always lock the brake before attaching the LeashLocket to your dog’s collar.

DO NOT use the LeashLocket on dogs who are difficult to control and/or who pull hard on a leash. 

DO NOT walk more than one dog at a time using the LeashLocket.

DO NOT use the LeashLocket to tie a dog to any object, including but not limited to a tree, a bench or other stationary objects.

DO NOT grasp or hold the LeashLocket’s leash/webbing at any time.

DO NOT attempt to repair any parts of the LeashLocket.  Should any part of the LeashLocket become damaged, do not continue using it: Refer to the Replacement Warranty.

DO NOT attempt to open the casing/housing of the LeashLocket’s leash/webbing, as the parts inside may cause serious bodily injury.

DO NOT use the LeashLocket while on medication, drugs and/or alcohol.

DO NOT allow children to hold the optional wrist strap or collar attachment. They can be choking hazards.

ONLY use the LeashLocket on well-behaved dogs.

ONLY use the LeashLocket on dogs that you can easily control.

ONLY use the LeashLocket if you have checked the ring on your dog’s collar to make sure it is strong enough to withstand the tension of being pulled by the LeashLocket. THIS MUST BE CHECKED EACH TIME THE LEASHLOCKET IS USED. 

If you believe that the ring on your dog’s collar is not strong enough, call us or visit our Contact Us page for more information.

To minimize the risk of injury, it is recommended that you use the LeashLocket while wearing gloves, long pants and protective eyeware.

If any body part of you or another person, or if any body part of the dog becomes tangled in the LeashLocket’s leash/webbing, immediately let go of the LeashLocket and detach the LeashLocket from the dog so that you can untangle the leash/webbing.

DO NOT expose the LeashLocket to chlorine and/or water for a prolonged period of time as this may cause damage to the product.

The LeashLocket contains a neodymium magnet in both the locket itself and the collar attachment, which are powerful and require additional safety measures.

NEVER allow the magnets to come into close proximity with a pacemaker or other medical device which could be affected by a magnet.

DO NOT allow children to handle the magnets. The magnet can be a choking hazard.

Do not place magnets near any electronic devices as it may cause damage.

The magnets are very powerful and should be handled with care at all times to avoid the risk of injury.  The magnets can break or shatter if slammed against another object. Eye protection should be worn when putting excessive pressure on the magnets.